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So the below images are my explanation to why I have shown up to sessions with paint still hiding in my hair and have been too busy to do much of anything else. After all the bruises, sweat, aching muscles, scary ladder heights and cut up fingers from recaulking the windows, I’d say it turned out pretty darn well. Just don’t mention the lack of landscaping in the front. We pulled 3/4 of it before starting and I just don’t see me getting to redoing it too quickly…even if it means leaving the giant rock pile on the driveway for a while.

The main color of the house was not too far off from the original color but we actually have two trim colors now instead of none. You probably noticed we cut back the trees too. After all this hard work we want to be able to see it, right?
Our lovely fading paint on the before picture. Note those wires hanging down…yeah there was a whole 2 wires that actually had a purpose out of the 7 that were there. Shrubs will eventually be planted along this side as well. Stephanie-W-Photography-0566.jpg
Yes so I got a little lazy with the before and after picture and didn’t seem to get the same angles but you get the idea.Stephanie-W-Photography-0569.jpgI also need to make a special shout out and thank you to my father-in-law Tim Whisler who contributed a whole lot of muscle and sweat behind this project as well as our friends Kristin + Matt who also came over to bust out some of this painting. Oh and of course my hubby, Scott, who obviously was there the entire time and braving the ladder when I couldn’t reach the top 4 inches.  Thanks for putting up with all my projects love.

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